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Are you that person who constantly redesigns rooms in your head? Do you love watching renovation TV shows and deep down you know you could do a better job yourself? Everywhere you go you are picturing different layouts or colour schemes. Perhaps you have great plans for your kitchen or dining room and want to learn more about getting the most out of a space, but you simply cannot find the time to sit down and learn? Or maybe you already have some DIY and interior design skills, but you are not sure about making a commitment to long term studies.  

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Live Online interior design certificate course is ideal for anyone who wishes to explore their interest in Interior Design and apply what they have learnt to their own home. Over 6 weeks, the course covers the fundamentals of interior design providing the skills and knowledge to tackle a home project like a pro. We at the Academy pride ourselves on adhering to the philosophy of making high quality education accessible to all. While we provide a variety of study modes including Home Study, Classroom-based and Live Online classes, we remain diligent in our drive to continue to meet the huge variety of challenges many people face when deciding to pursue their studies.

Always listening to the needs of our students

We have, however, recently become aware of potential students who need our attention. For those who would prefer the structure of a Classroom-based course but without the need to commute, the Live Online option is ideal. But some find that they cannot attend an evening or Saturday class. Perhaps it is family commitments that make you unavailable during those hours or maybe your working week does not adhere to the typical daytime 9 to 5 schedule. Whatever the reason, we remain loyal to our ethos and are determined to encompass all the fascinating and diverse lifestyles people are currently living. With this in mind, we have launched a new initiative which is a variation of one of our study modes and we believe it ticks all the boxes.

Beginning this April 2024, we are offering Live Online classes on Tuesday mornings from 9.30am to 12.30pm. The course will run every Tuesday for 6 weeks. The new morning schedule allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a structured schedule as well as the camaraderie of being present with other students in Live Online classes. This option also removes the dependency on a convenient location or the need to commute.

The key features of Live Online classes include:

  • Online interaction with tutors and with other students.
  • Convenient access from any location.
  • Interactive and engaging digital learning tools.
  • Smaller class sizes for a more personalised learning experience.

Once you have completed the 6-week LOC course you will earn a certificate of attendance. If you wish to obtain an industry-recognised certificate, you will go on to complete five assignments through our Online Learning Centre with full tutor support. Students have up to three years to complete their assignments.

Over 6 classes, the course will cover the elements and principles of Interior Design and how to apply them to your own home. The terms contrast, dominance, rhythm, focal point, scale, proportion, and balance will take on whole new meanings as you learn to design your kitchen, your dining room or perhaps the bedroom.

Tutor-led by industry experts in Interior Design

While Live Online classes offer many benefits of convenience, the course is also expertly led by our prolific and professional interior designer and tutor, Sophia Kokinis. Sophia’s education took her from industrial design engineering to interior design and her career has been equally as fascinating. Having worked as a Store Designer for International brands like Tom Ford and Estée Lauder as well as having her work exhibited during the Berlin Fashion Week and the Liverpool Biennial, she has also collaborated with cultural organisations, such as the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art. Some of Sophia’s work has also been known to show up on the pages of The New York Times.

Sophia will guide students through the fundamentals of interior design as she furnishes you with the skills of a professional and the creative flair of an artist.

Time to follow that inner creative voice

If you are already acquainted with a persistent urge to design and redesign, what you are in fact experiencing is the voice of your inner creative, and that voice tends to get more tenacious with time.  Perhaps the morning classes from the comfort of your own home are exactly what you need to take that step into the dynamic world of interior design.

Our Certificate course will teach you how to create your dream home, to pursue a career in Interior Design please check out our other courses here.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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