Interior Design Trends for 2024

Here we are on the cusp of another year, and with it comes another trend. The earth, everyone in it and even time itself is a cyclical thing so it is natural to presume that interior design will also be impacted. Interior design exists to elevate the human experience by creating environments where we can thrive. Trends will generally reflect, or at the very least respond to, societal and cultural events. But what does that mean for 2024? Well, be ready because it is gearing up to be a year where great style marries environmental sustainability.

At our Interior Design Academy, we are passionate about not only keeping pace with these trends but also in arming you with the skills needed to master them. Here’s what’s making waves in the world of interior design in 2024.

Sustainability: The mainstay of modern interior design

Eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs have arrived. The future is now! There is a wealth of options available in textiles, paints and various mediums and materials. Our courses are designed to teach you what you need to know when choosing materials that are as good for the environment as they are beautiful.

Integration of smart technology

Smart homes are getting smarter. With technological improvements and AI, 2024 will witness homes that are more linked and sensitive to our needs.  Think charging surfaces, smart lighting and a whisper-quiet response from your house as comfort and technology unite.

Creative tiling

Tiles are stepping into the limelight and taking centre stage in interiors. From Moroccan Zellige to porcelain gloss, tiles of patterned design and vivid colour will introduce texture and creativity as designers extract something new from something old.

The home office

The home office has become as commonplace as the bedroom with many becoming a permanent place of employment long term. 2024 will herald the marriage of form and function. Offices will be brimming with ergonomic chairs and desks coupled with custom craftsmanship and noise cancelling solutions. Work is about to be as much about comfort as it is about style.

Classic meets contemporary

Classic is classic for a reason. There is a timelessness in traditional design but when combined with contemporary sensibilities, new and fresh ideas emerge. The new “traditional” offers both nostalgia and function where time-honoured designs and smart home technology will coexist into the future.

Glorious daylight

There is a reason sunflowers are so beautiful. When that clean natural light spills into a space, it instantly brightens the mood. Skylights, reflective surfaces and windows will be more present in 2024. Sunshine architecture design is set to emerge as a key component of interior design.

Warm minimalism

2024 will also see the return to minimalism, but this time with a sense of cosy. With its tactile fabrics and clean lines, this trend favours simplicity over complexity, creating a warm, stylish cocoon. As we embrace an improved and considered home/work life, simplicity and comfort are king.

Customise and personalise

Customization will be the new normal. People are spending more time at home and injecting more love into their spaces so it’s no surprise that personalising is a growing trend. Properties will reflect the personalities of the people who live there, from well-chosen art collections to furnishings and prints.

Health and wellbeing are more than just buzzwords for 2024 and the ascent of dopamine in interior design is becoming as valued as beauty. Vibrant colours and playful patterns herald the introduction of joy and the attempt to brighten up our lives. In a post-pandemic environment where we have learned to appreciate our little corner of the world, including working from home, people are finding ways to create more meaningful homes and a more enriched quality of life.

Our Interior Design Academy continues to embrace progress and to pioneer these positive moves into the future. Our courses are designed to hone your design vision and up your skills so you can not only become aware of new trends, you can set them!  Join us on a journey of imagination and innovation as we shape the future one room at a time. Your canvas is waiting for you to create more than just designs, you can build legacies.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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